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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I reorder products that I’ve purchased before?

Please follow our short guide if you would like to repurchase products.


Will this make my tub look like new?

Yes. It will make the most horrific looking tubs into a gleaming white HGTV worthy masterpiece.


What is a Slip-Guard?

A slip-guard is an additive that when combined with Part A paint will cause the paint to have texture. When applied to the base of a bathtub or shower base it will prevent a person from slipping.


Are a Slip-Guard, Non-Slip and Non-Skid the same thing?

Yes, the terminology is different, but the science is the same.


Can I use a bathmat in place of a Slip-Guard?

The easy answer is no. However, the truth is you can use a bathmat if it DOES NOT use suction cups to hold it in place. Bathmats that do use the suction cups will eventually cut through the finish of any bathtub (new, old or refinished). Remember, if you do decide to use a bathmat (without the suction cups) you’ll need to remove it after each use!


When refinishing, is it necessary to wear a face mask?

Safety should be a primary concern whenever working with home improvement materials. A mask will help protect you from breathing in any dust, debris or odor that can hang around when working on renovation projects. Striving to secure proper ventilation (positive air coming in, negative air going out) and wearing an adequate mask are all important safety measures.


Can I use a bathmat on my refinished bathtub?

Yes, if the bathmat does not adhere to the base of the unit with suction cups. If the bathmat has suction cups…walk away! Suction cup mats will cut into the surface of your bathtub (or shower), causing significant damage. The ridges they create are also a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria.


How long will the refinishing last?

It will last as long as you take care of it. Staying on top of the soap scum and mildew is the key. Don’t let soap scum start.  Cleanse your surface with cleaners void of bleach and grit when possible.  Those agents are caustic by nature and will eventually damage any surface (factory new OR refinished).  


What is the difference between Bathworks® refinishing products and other store-bought brands?

Bathworks® is a commercial grade refinishing system created by professionals and used by professionals.  Its thick, durable, glossy coating is unlike ANY store-bought products. Most store-bought brands are thin, epoxy based paints.  The finish tends to flake easily and will undoubtedly yellow over time.  Bathworks® is a 2-part resin.  The finished result is a porcelain-like, hard, glossy surface that won’t easily chip, peel, crack, or yellow.


What colors are available?

Bathworks® refinishing kits are always available in our standard colors: white, biscuit, bone, almond and black.  Our standard colors represent those most often found on other bathroom fixtures (showers, tubs, sinks, toilets and tile).  Customized colors are available upon request for an additional fee.  For more information about customized color refinishing kits, please call 800-USA-TUBS (887-8827).


Once applied, how long until we can use the bathtub?

Though the bathtub will feel dry in about 12 hours, it is recommended that the bathtub be given a full 24-hours to dry before use.


What should I use to clean my bathtub after it is refinished?

Any non-abrasive cleaner can be used.  Examples of this include: Scrubbing Bubbles, 409 (without Bleach), Fantastic or Liquid Ajax.  It is best to avoid using cleansers that contain bleach or abrasives.


How much does the Standard Refinishing Kit refinish?

A single Bathworks® refinishing kit has enough material to refinish a standard size (60″ x 32″) bathtub with two-coats.  We recommend (2) kits if you are refinishing a bathtub & wall surround (the 3 walls around the bathtub), and the wall surround stops short of the ceiling.  We also recommend (2) kits for a one-piece tub/shower unit that stops short of the ceiling.  If you are looking to refinish the bathtub, wall surround AND extra tile in a bathroom, we recommend at least (3) kits.  Depending on how each kit is applied, amounts may vary.  For more information about quantities for a particular job, please email OR call 800-USA-TUBS (872-8827).


Does it matter what type of roller cover I use?

Yes! To roll a bathtub (or other fixture) properly, customers should use a high-density foam roller. Roller covers with nap can cause the product to not lay properly and can leave an undesirable texture/residue on the surface of the fixture.


Aside from wearing a respirator, is there anything else I can do to help with the smell?

Our Bathworks® premium and standard refinishing kits do use a paint. Like all paints, there is a smell associated with that. At Bathworks®, we always recommend customers wear a respirator or face mask. Customers may also open a nearby window to help reduce odor and ventilate the room better.


Are Bathworks® products safe?

Yes! While we always encourage customers to take precaution and wear the appropriate safety equipment (gloves, glasses and respirator/mask), all products have been thoroughly tested and proven safe for use. All product safety information is available online or by contacting Bathworks® directly.


Is Bathworks® Chip Repair Kit as good as using Bondo Filler?

While Bondo is a high-power filler, it is typically used in automotive applications. Bathworks® Chip Repair Kit Filler has been specifically formatted for use in high water saturation settings. This means your repair (and new bathtub) won’t need to be fixed anytime soon.


How long should I leave the EZ Etch on?

Fixtures such as clawfoot bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs, sinks, and tile can be easily etched in about 20-30 minutes. NOTE: When etching colored bathtub such as harvest gold, avocado green, etc., leave on for 30-40 minutes.


Why is EZ Etch recommended for cast iron and steel bathtubs?

Typically, porcelain and ceramic surfaces are too glossy and smooth to properly accept a new finish without some prior treatment to the surface. EZ Etch gently etches and treats the surfaces that cannot be scuffed up or sanded.


Can we use the Preval Sprayer Kit to apply the paint instead of the roller?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the Preval kit works fantastic for smaller sinks but can get a little tricky with the large ones (double bowl, farm sinks, etc.) With the larger sinks we recommend applying the paint with the roller first, then use the Preval Kit to lightly mist the entire surface. This “trick of the trade” really helps the paint smooth out and lay down beautifully.

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