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Bath Mats

Full Size Bath Mat. 100% Safe for Refinished Bathtubs!

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Measuring 39½"L x 16"W, this tub mat is enormous! It covers nearly the entire tub bottom, eliminating those sneaky slippery spots. Non-skid bath-mats keeps footing firmly anchored.  It has a soft, cushiony surface. Machine washable, anti-bacterial, and mildew-resistant.    

* Safe to use on Refinished Bathtubs!!

Can I use a bathmat in place of a Slip-Guard?

The easy answer is no. However, the truth is you can use a bathmat if it DOES NOT use suction cups to hold it in place. Bathmats that do use the suction cups will eventually cut through the finish of any bathtub (new, old or refinished). Remember, if you do decide to use a bathmat (without the suction cups) you'll need to remove it after each use!

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